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PM Video Source: Some other site of unspecified origin.If you are the legal copyright holder of this content and believe that it has been used unfairly please contact us at [email protected] for removal. PLEASE NOTE: This content includes what is labeled as extreme graphic violence, nudity, language, and sexual content. Do NOT use this without parental supervision.Jens Adolfse Jens Adolfse (4 October 1828 – 4 November 1917) was a Norwegian lawyer and politician for the Liberal Party. He was the son of Hans Adolfse and Sofie Heyerdahl. Personal life He was married to Modert Hagelien (1834–1895). References Category:1828 births Category:1917 deaths Category:People from Fredrikstad Category:Norwegian lawyers Category:Liberal Party (Norway) politiciansThe present invention is directed to portable radios, and particularly to key operated portable radios. The key operation of prior art portable radios typically has been effected by a single, centrally located key which, when depressed by the user, actuates the several components of the radio in a sequentially determined manner. A problem with the prior art radio key structure is that the single centrally located key is relatively easy to see, and thus can be easily misused. Furthermore, the structure is not practical when the radio is small, since it is then difficult to reach the key.Q: How to properly use explicit type conversion in a std::tuple? Say I have the following templated class and function: template class MyTuple { public: MyTuple() = default; MyTuple(std::tuple v) : v_{std::move(v)} {} private: std::tuple v_; }; std::tuple operator ()(std::tuple v) return std::make_tuple(static_cast(v[0]), static_cast(v[1]), static_cast(v[2]),...); } Is there a way to make sure that std::make_tuple() does not "cheaply" copy the struct's underlying




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